Can kidney disease get better?

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Progressive nature of kidney disease; benefits of early treatment. You can also view this video on the NKDEP website at:…

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  1. joe a smythe says:

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated

  2. Benny Howes says:

    Hey there, Kidney’s don’t always get worse.
    I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney Failure back in 2004 my kidney function dipped as low as 15 percent. I was placed on the recipient list for a transplant. 6 months later on Good Friday, my Nephrologist called and told us my kidney function had been restored to 100%.
    We didn’t use any prescribed medication, but detoxed with high dose Vit C and did other cleansing activities like dropping grudges and forgiving relationships that caused me stress.

  3. Norbert Allan Aquende says:

    I am desperate for a cure! can you share specifics? how did you do detox(specific foods, amount)? how much vit c, how often? what exact cleansing activities and procedures? i hope you could share more details. im from the philippines

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