Surgeon Simulator 2013 | Double Kidney Transplant A++

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As promised, here is how to get A++ on the double kidney transplant.

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  1. MattShea369 says:

    Thank you! Please let me know if there is any type of video you want to see, and I will do my best to honor your request!

  2. MinecraftMania29 says:

    Haha, thanks! I thought maybe you could try one more thing for Surgeon Simulator 2013. I am not sure if you’ve done htis already but, have you done the secret mission that takes place in space?! You can enter the mission by inserting the ????? Disk into your computer on the main menu. It’s the black colored one. I also thought you could maybe try out some flash games! One more suggestion I may have is, you could try out TF2. It’s my favorite PC Game and I think you’ll like it too. Thanks!

  3. MattShea369 says:

    Flash games are always fun. If you have any fun ones that you think people would enjoy watching let me know! I’ve played TF2 a little bit but I haven’t really gotten into it much. I mostly play Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Also, THERE IS A SPACE VIDEO. It’s called “Space Heart Surgery A++”!

  4. NoLifeShou says:

    Hi this was pretty great but I have beaten your time 1 min and 35 seconds. Its on my channel =)

  5. MattShea369 says:

    Hi there! This wasn’t meant to be fast. I took my time to show how to get A++. Congrats on beating the time though. I’ll check it out! :)

  6. NoLifeShou says:

    Hey thanks Matt, haha well if you ever do a speed run on the kidneys please upload. Id like to see it.
    And thanks for commenting on my vids. =D

  7. MattShea369 says:

    No problem at all. If you take the time to comment on mine, I’ll do te same for you. Happy gaming.

  8. MrMercerX says:

    1:17 Thats right just throw his intestine out he’s not gonna need it after the surgery anyway lol

  9. MattShea369 says:

    Should have used them to strangle him instead. Would have been just as helpful as the surgery.

  10. ENBL3UD says:

    i had problems grabbing the right kidney as well^^

  11. CherubCow says:

    fyi, I uploaded a faster A++ with less blood loss here :p

  12. FriginHavoc says:

    the fuck did I just watch…?

  13. lpsgirl9009 says:

    u are awesome!

  14. Lois Morris says:

    Im with the person ha said fuck

  15. Paolo de Biase says:

    how do you get the new version?

  16. doompuppie says:


  17. RoyRoy Robles says:

    u guys zh

  18. RoyRoy Robles says:

    you guys can use the spoon to move the left kidney if u have hard time getting that piece of shit :)

  19. MattShea369 says:

    What stuff?

  20. 0acezero0 says:

    The Weird Image colors, actually, I deleted my comment because I’ve just Noticed that happened because you hit the stabilization syringe, lol I thought that was something with my eyes.
    Btw, Nice Video!

  21. 0acezero0 says:

    Thanks, my freaking wrist wasn’t letting me get the kidney with my hand!

  22. Zé Moraes says:

    my blood level doesn’t appear, it’s a bug or not, anyone can help me ?

  23. RoyRoy Robles says:

    no problem my friend :D

  24. Matt B says:

    Organs that sew themselves back together – so much for a reality simulator…

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