5 tips to keep your kidneys healthy

Top Nephrologist Gives 5 Tips To Protect Your Kidneys For Life

The leading causes of kidney problems include diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity which can be prevented in the first place. 8th March is observed as World Kidney Day. This day is marked to raise awareness about the importance of kidney health, the impact of kidney diseases and the health problems associated with it. World Kidney Day 2018, as coincides with International Women’s Day, the theme is aptly Kidneys and Women’s Health. It is generally noted that there are fewer women on dialysis and other forms of treatment for kidney disease as compared to men. In a study we conducted, it was found that a high percentage of women tend to be kidney donors than recipients as compared to men. This gap needs to be bridged with an equitable access to health care. It is also essential to highlight here that a lot of women suffering from kidney disease and of childbearing age can achieve normalcy and successfully deliver a healthy baby with the right treatment and without delaying treatment.

This World Kidney Day we give you the crucial 5 tips which will help you reduce the chances of a kidney disease:

1. Prevent preventable diseases 

The leading causes of kidney problems include diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity which can be prevented in the first place. So make sure to not develop any of these metabolic disorders as once acquired they do gradually start impacting your kidneys.


2. Control diabetes and high blood pressure well

If you have diabetes or hypertension already, you need to control them well with medications, diet and lifestyle changes. Visit your doctor regularly and follow his treatment plan and along with this make sure to eat healthy and exercise for optimal results. It is also important to get regular tests done to keep a tab on the disease – get regular blood (urea, creatinine) and urine (protein/albumin) tests for monitoring. Target HbA1C < 7.0 and and BP < 130/80 mm/Hg.


3. Follow an active lifestyle

Exercise regularly, do yoga, decrease body weight if you are overweight. These are imperative for sound health. Studies have shown exercising to reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure.


4. Do not take pain killers frequently, antibiotics or other drugs without your doctor’s advice

Analgesics and many other medicines like NSAIDs can be harsh on the kidney. Avoid their injudicious use to prevent kidney problems.



5. Eat healthy, quit smoking and chewing tobacco

Diet can play a major role in preventing progression of kidney disease. It also helps control other diseases. Smoking has now been found to have a direct impact on the kidneys so quit smoking today!




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