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Vegetarian (Plant based) diets linked to lower risk of kidney diseases. (Published 30-04-2019)

Common heartburn/ acidity medications (PPI) linked to kidney disease risk (Published 20-04-2019)

World Kidney Day 2019 – Media coverage, press releases (Published 22/03/2019)

Kidney Diseases Education Book- Save your kidneys: Educational booklets (English and Hindi)  (Published 11-03-2019)

CME Physician forum Mathura 7-3-2019 (Published 08/03.2019)

Eating more fibre linked to reduced risk of non-communicable diseases and death, study finds. (Published 26/02/2019)

Free OPD Camps in hathin village and Brij Chikitsa sansthan Mathura #Giving back to the community (Published 16/02/2019)

#Donate Organs #Donate Life – National Organ Donor Day Feb 14 – Metro Hospital (Published 14/2/19)

Coffee Drinkers may have lower kidney disease risk (Published 15/01/2019)

No Evidence that Zero-Calorie Sweeteners Have Health Benefits or Improve Weight Loss (Published 14/01/2019)

Kidney stones linked to increased risk of kidney cancer (Published 07/01/2019)

Artificial kidneys / freedom from dialysis: Dream or reality? The current scenario (Published 05/01/2019)

1/3 liver disease patients get kidney disease (Published 02/01/2019)

Sweetened beverages linked to chronic kidney disease (Published 31-12-2018)

Medical Humor! ICD10 codes for the holidays (Published 26-12-2018)

Sleep deprivation harms the kidneys (Published 22-12-2018) 

Christmas/holidays have highest risk of heart attacks (Published 19-12/2018)

Role of the kidneys (Published 17/12/2018)

Wedding Season: Watch the diet! (Published 11/12/2018)

General Practitioner Forum CME   #Key points in the management of CKD (Published 7/12/2018)

Nephrology ranked#1 – Kidney doctors #1 (Published 06/12/2018)

Kidney Disease burden  (Published 03/12/2018)

HIV can cause kidney disease and kidney failure (Published 02/12/2018)

Acute Kidney Injury increases risk of death, chronic & permanent kidney failure (Published 30/11/2018)

Kidney Transplantation: Facts and Myths: News paper publication (Published 04/11/2018)

5 tips to keep your kidneys healthy (Published 20/08/2018)


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