Sleep deprivation harms the kidneys!

Sleep deprivation harms the kidneys!

Extensive studies have demonstrated that sleep is an important modulator of heart diseases, metabolic diseases (high BP, sugar, cholestrol) and immunity. Latest research shows that short sleep duration is also associated with fast progression of proteinuria (loss of protein in urine) which can damage the kidneys in the long run.

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Among 26,249 adults in Taiwan who were followed for an average of 2.62 years, the risk of proteinuria (loss of protein in urine) progression was 92%, 23%, and 18% higher for those with sleep duration <4, 4–6, and >8 hours vs. those with sleep duration 6–8 hours, respectively.

So get that 6-8 hrs of sleep for your body, mind and beauty!!

Click here to read more about the study.

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